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Dodge City Kansas 1979

This is Dodge City. I lived in a trailer in Dodge City too. It was on Wyatt Earp Boulevard just up the street from a restaurant where I ate my first "Rocky Mountain Oyster."

I went to Dodge City with my friend Charlie Hooper. Herman Bazeman who was a friend of Charlies had offered us a job with Cablevision, and as we were unemployed, Charlie and I jumped into my car the next day and drove all the way to Kansas. Herman, my new boss, had roomed with Kinky Friedman at the University of Texas when Charles Whitman shot everybody from that clock tower. Then Herman had played drums with Fredddy Fender, but quit just before Freddy released When the Last Teardrop Falls. That's the kind of thing that leads most of the people that sell cable tv door to door to take up such a profession.




Enough Already

Enough already about me. On Tuesday I might talk about where Highway 81 goes after it leaves Oklahoma, but today let's talk about something interesting, like Liu Bolin.

Here's a link:



A Duncan Demon

When I was working for Cablevision, I also lived in Duncan, Oklahoma (home of the Duncan Demons). I lived in a trailer behind a liquor store on Highway 81. The wind in Duncan averages about 22 miles an hour at all times, and if you wore contact lenses as I did, your eyes would be bloodshot in about twenty minutes of being outside.

 This Duncan Demon was in an old house that had been turned into a western museum.On the porch of the Duncan Museum was a cigar store Indian and there was an old stagecoach and some funky old western stuff inside the first room. The rest of the museum was devoted to Duncan’s most famous son Ron Howard a.k.a. Opie of Andy of Mayberry. Everything about Ron Howard’s first five years of his life was in that house; his school notebooks, his saddle, his kiddie chaps, everything associated with a five year old kid destined for fame. There might have been some of his used kleenex among all the stuff that was Ron Howard. This could possibly have even been Ron's own Duncan Demon. I had not even thought about that! I’m sure that most people are like me and had no idea that Opie was part of the history of Duncan, Oklahoma, but it is a fact that is indisputably true.

 About a year ago, Cynthia at Estel Gallery turned me on to James McMurtry. I had never heard of him... Where in the heck had I been? I don’t know, but I think that James has not only been to Duncan; he has been to Garden City, Kansas as well. Check it out on the following link:



An indelible image

I was thinking about what I might post today and I remembered an old image that I had taken in 1979. It’s really a snapshot, as I did not know much about photography 30 years ago. I had a camera, but I didn’t know how to use it.


This picture was taken at the Garden City Kansas Zoo in the summer of 1979. Garden City was/is a very small town about 40-50 miles from Dodge City Kansas. I was working for Cablevision and was selling cable subscriptions door to door. On my last day in Garden City, Julie (a Garden City resident) and I decided to go to the G.C. Zoo. The day was horribly hot, and what few animals there were at the Zoo were miserable. As I recall, there were only about ten different exhibits, but this poor bear had left an indelible impression in my mind. Here is the shot…I don’t think the bear is dead, but he would have probably been better off had he been so.



A New Name Already

I’ve had to change my blog name to the AhrBhe Blog, since there already was an RB Blog. I had used the name RB since those are my initials, but that name had been registered on some blog site two years ago. There have not been any posts to that blog, but I wanted to be original and not be redundant. AhrBhe is not pretty to look at, but it is phonetically correct.


Dean, my old partner at The Villager Tavern in Hillsboro Village, called last night to let me know that Dave Olney was going to be on Channel 22 on DISH network. When Dean and I owned The Villager in the early 1970s, Dave was gracious enough to play there quite often. I’m enclosing a YouTube link to a Dave Olney performance for those of you who have not heard him in a while, or have never heard him. He’s one of the great songwriters. I’m also adding a link to his site in my links section, as he is just as much of an artist as the photographers that I have listed.





A rookie blogger talking about "The Rookies"

I've decided to start a blog. I don't really know anything about blogging, but I wanted a forum other than, or to share new and interesting photographs. I don't even know if I can download images to this page, but I bought a picture at the Goodwill Outlet in Melrose yesterday, that I just had to have. I am going to try to scan it and post it here. I had left the store, but could not drive off without going back in to buy this photo. It was $1.39/lb and weighed 1.85lbs. $2.81 with tax, but worth every penny! Check out "the Rookies."

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